A Lacrosse program geared toward 1-8th grade children based in New Milford, CT.

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 Bantam level and above.

1. NOCSAE-approved helmet. No hockey helmets.

2. Lacrosse Shoulder Pads

3. Lacrosse Arm Pads

4. Lacrosse Gloves

5. Lacrosse Rib Pads (recommended for attackmen-not required)

6. Protective Cup

7. Mouthguard

8. Cleats

9. Lacrosse stick (see description below)

10. Cold Weather Clothing: Additionally during the early season practices, it can get cold and sometimes rainy. If this happens, please have your child wear layers with outer and under layers of clothing. Some suggestions are:full-sleeve t-shirt, water resistant jacket, water resistant sweat pants, and thin gloves.

1.Chest protecter
2.Throat Protecter
3.Goalie Pants (Optional)
4.Shin Guards (Optional)
5.Goalie Gloves Recomended For Juniors And Up.


1. Bantam sticks must be from 37"-42" long

2. Junior and Senior attack/middie sticks must be 40"-42" long

3. Junior defenseman sticks must be from 43"-60" long

4. Senior defenseman sticks must be no longer than the tip of the player's nose. Players with a longer stick must cut it down. If you have an expensive shaft, replace it with an aluminum one and cut it to the correct length.

This equipment may be found at Lacrosse Unlimited (Danbury),  Dick's (Danbury), or ordered online. Many manufacturers offer beginner packages which include gloves, arm pads, shoulder pads, stick, and may include a helmet.