A Lacrosse program geared toward 1-8th grade children based in New Milford, CT.

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Required Equipment:

1. Girls Lacrosse Stick (see below)

2. Protective eye gear**

3. Mouthpiece

4. Cleats

5. Cold Weather Clothing: Additionally during the early season practices, it can get cold and sometimes rainy. If this happens, please have your child wear layers with outer and under layers of clothing. Some suggestions are:full-sleeve t-shirt, water resistant jacket, water resistant sweat pants, and thin gloves.

The crosse (lacrosse stick) is made of wood, laminated wood, or synthetic material, with a shaped net pocket at the end. A girl's crosse must be an overall length of 35 1/2 - 43 1/4 inches. The head of the crosse must be seven to nine inches wide. The pocket of the stick must be strung traditionally; no mesh is allowed. The top of the ball when dropped in the pocket must remain even with or above the side walls. The goalkeeper's crosse may be 35 1/2 - 48 inches long. The head of the crosse may be mesh and up to 12 inches wide.

The Goalkeeper's Equipment:

The goalkeeper must wear a face mask and helmet with a mouth guard, throat protector and chest protector. The goalkeeper may wear padding on hands, arms, legs, shoulders and chest which does not excessively increase the size of those body parts.

Optional Equipment:

Close-fitting gloves, nose guards, and soft head gear are optional, and may be worn by all players.

This equipment may be found at Dick's Sporting Goods, Sports Authority, Lacrosse Unlimited (Danbury), Wesco Sports (Brookfield), etc.


** As of January 1, 2005, US Lacrosse requires girls to wear eyewear protection in House League and Travel. Please make sure that your daughter's goggles comply. Refer to www.uslacrosse.org/news/eyewearupdate, if you have questions.